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My Story

I love creating. Whether it be painting, making my own clothes or decorating to create an unforgettable event for the ones I love. 

The process of transforming an idea into a reality inspires me. When my daughter was turning 6, I transformed our home into a winter wonderland for a "Frozen" themed party. During the process, my husband asked me “you love doing this so much, and you are brilliant at it, you should be doing this for a living.” He made a good point. I then went about packaging all the decor and themed events I have done over the years, so that I am able to offer event related services to you.

Our Mission

To offer personalised and tailored event related services that include Styling, Planning and Decor Hire.

Our Vision

To translate our clients idea into a memorable experience for their guests.

Our Products and Services

The services are centred around all the aspects you may require to host the perfect event. You may just need a couple of bespoke items from the Hire Shop or you may want an end to end events planning service. 

You can also choose to replicate an existing theme by browsing the gallery, that have packaged deals for you to select.

Make contact with me via email or live chat to tell us about your event.

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